Bush of Ghosts

bush-of-ghosts.com forks to both the official Warner Music site representing the great 1981 collaboration between Brian Eno and David Byrne and a second site, from which users can download individual source tracks from the original album and re-mix them into their own creations — many of them quite beautiful.

When Bush of Ghosts was first released, the kind of remixology Eno/Byrne were doing was pretty unusual, though now commonplace (but seldom as successful). Their decision to offer the album up for public remix 25 years later (!) is poetry. But Eno has always taken the long view (he talks on the SALT podcast about how he had to tell a gallery owner in which he was doing an installation that the duration of the audio he was using was “approximately 6,410 years.”)

Music: Arthur Lyman :: March Of The Siamese Children

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