The Joker, Cute Version

For all you “cute” fans out there (you know who you are), Fatboy Slim has a new cover out of Steve Miller’s classic “The Joker” that’s killing me and Miles here. Steve Miller provided the backing track for some of the best junior high parties and surf sessions ever, but we never saw it like this:

Trying to imagine the PETA reaction. Am I crazy or is that Boot-say’s voice in the background? Way too funky. In case you’ve ever wondered about “the pompatus of love,” Straight Dope has the dope.

4 Replies to “The Joker, Cute Version”

  1. Ah yes, I’m seeing references to this going back to 2004, so I’m just being late to the party, as usual. And yeah, that’s definitely Bootsy all the way through.

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