Shampoo Bottle

Reasons Why I Love My Wife #213:

Deep in the code when an urgent message arrives from the home front:

I noticed that you threw away a shampoo bottle the other day. Are you anti-reduce, reuse, recycle? I didn’t know this about you when I married you.

I am jarred out of my complacency, forced to shift gears. Pleasantly lolly-gagging in a garden of functions and arrays when I’m suddenly slammed into another reality, F2F with the 3Rs. It stings. But in a good way.

3 Replies to “Shampoo Bottle”

  1. “We got three Rs we’re gonna talk about today…”

    I assume you have Jack Johnson’s soundtrack of sound for Curious George?

  2. Oh yeah baby. Love his cover on there of White Stripes’ “We’re Going to be Friends,” and learning it on the ukulele :)

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