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Pleasantly surprised this morning when I found a message in my inbox floated from Dylan Tweney’s blog. I had checked the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” box when leaving a comment there a week ago, not thinking much of it. Turns out Dylan is using the excellent Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin, which fills a real hole — I would never have thought to return to the site to see whether there were follow-up comments (I only do that when a good argument is in progress :).

The plugin is now installed here as well.

FWIW, the post in question is re: a pair of amazing videos of Stevie Wonder throwing down on Sesame Street, 1972 style. One of them complete with talk box, a la Frampton.

P.S. I now know the difference between a talk box and a Vocoder.

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  1. I prefer sites with comments RSS feeds for each entry…. But that’s mostly because email is getting increasingly useless as time marches forward…

  2. I disagree totally with Sean. Perhaps just my way of doing things, but I find RSS becoming increasingly unmanageable even with my fairly limited set of feeds, I hate the thought of adding more feeds for every blog I care to comment on (and, obviously, wish to be notified of further replies to). Email, on the other hand, just works.

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