Russian Parkour

Posted back in ’04 about “parkour,” the art of using the urban environment as an acrobatic playground, an empty canvas for physical experimentation as graceful as it is death-defying. Since then, parkour’s popularity has increased alongside extreme sports and perhaps as an off-shoot of skateboarding’s outer limits (“Dude, you’re good. Lose the board.”) Check out this young Russian:

My post-40 body would never stand up to this kind of abuse (though I guess the idea is to get so good that it’s not abuse), but if this had been a “thing” 20 years ago, would have been bouncing off walls.

Thanks baald

Music: Daniel Johnston :: Speeding Motorcycle

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4 Replies to “Russian Parkour”

  1. Scary. Lot’s of envy – wish I were as healthy, and as creative! Very scary indeed…

  2. Jeez, those kids are awesome. And those empty apartment buildings they were jumping around–what a contrast between the exuberance of those guys and the deadness they were flying thru.

  3. I can do most of that stuff, but I am afraid of blowing out my knees, or having knee trouble in 50 years…

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