Flukefront After much hemming and hawing and reading and plucking away at home on baald’s ukulele and in stores on others, decided on a wood-top Fluke — a good all-around durable starter uke with a really great tone for the price, and plenty of room to grow with for a while (though the huge variety of ukelele types and sounds has already sparked a small fetish fire – caution!) Best pics I could find are here, though the cheaper version I got does not include a pickup.

Taking a much-needed few days off work, and finally got caught up enough to spend the afternoon on the back porch plucking away at the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song, “Anarchy in the U.K.,” and a few oldies. Out of practice, fingertips sore. Now all I need is the canoe.

Music: Essential Logic :: Collect Dust

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