Pillow Bridge

Treated to an emergency room visit tonight, after Miles suffered a temporary lapse of reason and forgot that pillows don’t have the structural integrity of boards and decided to bridge the gap from couch to coffee table with one. This would not have been a problem except for the fact that he was being a bunny at the time, and everyone knows that bunnies hop with both feet forward. If he had placed just one hand on the bridge, as a fox or rhinocerous would have, he could have caught himself with the other hand when it gave way. But bunny basically dived headlong into the brink and smashed his sniffer on the edge of the table.

Three-year-old noses are still very soft, and the distortion was really scary. Fortunately it snapped back into shape pretty well after half an hour. The good folks at Children’s Hospital were fairly sure it’s broken, but also confident it’ll heal fine on its own, though he’ll have “raccoon eyes” for a few days as busted capillaries eep out into surrounding tissues.

All told, we were lucky this time, and he was a champ about it all. We’re considering it a practice run.

Music: Boredoms :: Your Name Is Limitless

8 Replies to “Pillow Bridge”

  1. Ouch!

    I have a great photo of me, aged 12, with a broken nose and a face that is all one big bruise.

  2. Yowch. Keep an eye on that one! Sounds like he’s taking it in stride though; a mountian boy!

    When I was about 6 I was pretending to be Superman and broke my finger.

    Oh the irony!

  3. Pinky toe. Running through the house, caught (just) it on the door jamb. Still hurts in my head, learned my lesson though (not about running, just about cutting the corners so close ;)

  4. Yeow! I was thinking of the “Miles on the roof” story myself. Glad he’s alright =8-O

    Had my own Emergency Room visit about a month ago. Dislocated my left kneecap. Ouch! Didn’t want to go back easy, either. But I learned one thing – enough morphine can make almost anything better ;)

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