Crawling With ‘Em

Spending the week with mid-career journalists from around the country, doing multimedia training and webcasting their panel discussions. 4:00 yesterday get a call from Amy that a power transformer has blown near our house, and that a fire ran along the lines for many blocks. Outage affects 21,000 people. Finally get home at 10:30 to find our power just restored, but neighboring blocks still out. Walk to inspect the damage and find news crews all over the hood, lights trained on piles of charred power cable sheathing along the ground.

Stop to watch a Hispanic news team in the midst of a street-corner shoot. They stop to ask me what happened and I tell them what I know.

Me: “… but I’m just a guy who heard some things, so don’t quote me.”

Reporter: “Yeah yeah yeah, OK.” [Says some stuff in Spanish to cameraman, then] “OK, I got it.” Camera rolls and she reels off her live report in Spanish.” I shake my head and return home.

15 minutes later wifey and I are watching the (amazing) 60 Minutes special on the career of Mike Wallace, when there’s a knock at the window. Peel back the drapes to see smiling face of another female reporter, who shows her ABC press badge. “Great, now they want to interview US,” I think. I open the door. “Hi, I’m from ABC News and can I use your bathroom? It’s urgent.” LOL, of course.

Music: Duke Of Uke :: Search And Destroy

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