Summer New Media Lecture Series

We’re up for another big week of webcasting and multimedia training for mid-career journalists. The lectures/talks tucked into the meal times are open to the public and will be available as both live and archived webcasts.

Featured speakers are Dan Cox of World Online, Terry Moore of the Orange County Register, Michael Skoler of Minnesota Public Radio, Bob Cauthorn of City Tools, Regina McCombs of, Dave Buonfiglio of Internet
Broadcast Systems, Deb Mullins of the Alameda Newspaper Group, and a panel of Oakland Tribune reporters and editors. More info.

Finally made the decision to switch to another webcasting package – now using Vara Software’s WireCast, which supports multiple layers, multiple cameras, has much better titling controls, and a bunch of other goodies. I have distant ties to Vara Software — its lead engineers were also the lead engineers at Adamation, who made the amazing video editing package personalStudio for BeOS and, later, Windows. The past keeps reverberating…

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