Asawa Tm Spent Mother’s Day at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park – first visit since it re-opened a while ago, and the transformation is radical. Spacious, inviting, tasteful, playful. Miles increasingly interested in art, especially sculpture, and able to comment in small ways on what he likes or doesn’t like about various pieces. Found myself mesmerized by the endless mirrored folds of Zhan Wang’s Artificial Rock – a sea of meditative possibilities. The DeYoung’s center tower pokes up through the center of the park, affording a view of San Francisco unlike anything we had ever seen – absolutely gorgeous. Decided to “do the right thing” and take public transportation, only to get stuck interminably on a broke-down Muni train with the AC kaput. That aside, a miraculous day. Flickr set.

Music: The Fall :: C.D. Win Fall 2088 AD

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