I’ve listened to plenty of Ketjak, but had never seen the Ramayana Monkey Chant performed (this is a must-watch). Heard plenty of slide guitar, but never seen a dude using a spoon clenched between his teeth as a slide. Watched plenty of Bob Denver, but had never seen him buried in sand with an inverted face painted on his chin, being worshipped by surfers.

All of this and mountains more at the amazing WFMU, a truly incredible archive of strange music and music-related info/media.

Thanks baald

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  1. Dylan,

    That cover is by “Little Roger and the Goosebumps.”

    Easily found on P2P networks, if you want it.

  2. The freeform radio station of the nation! I too love WFMU, Beware of the Blog is my #1 source for music-related kookiness.

    I work at WNYU 89.1FM and we’ve got a healthy little competition going on with them, but we’re block-programmed and generally more “serious” than the general insanity that is WFMU so I think we complement each other well.

  3. My wife just found your blog and passed it on to me. I’m having the time of my life poking and prodding (archives to 2001! How cool is that?)

    My one year old is demanding spoon guitar and the monkey chant over and over, and I cannot say that I’m disappointed to oblige.

    I suspect we’re going to end up with a copy of the spoon guitar documentary if I can lay hands on it.

    Thanks for the link, and thanks for the excellent blog.

    Miles is a riot.

    James Atkinson
    Asheville, NC

  4. Just read your Chickenfat song entry because my friend linked to it. I remember it from kindergarten in 1976. Thanks for the memory – I hadn’t heard it in 30 years!!

  5. You know, after posting I went back and looked at the Ketjak page and realized that it was from that movie, and remembered seeing that movie with you, but for some reason didn’t remember that scene. You’d think it would stick. Who knows, maybe we got distracted, or you feed me too much psycho spinach, or something.

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