Living With War

Lwwcover “History was a cruel judge of overconfidence / back in the days of shock and awe…” says Neil Young on his new protest album Living With War. The album – which took just three weeks to produce – was released digitally first (as a stream), then released to legal download sites for purchase, and hits record stores soon. New York Times:

“In a song whose title alone has already brought him the fury of right-wing blogs, he urges, “Let’s Impeach the President.” It ends with Mr. Young shouting, “Flip, flop,” amid contradictory sound bites of President Bush. But Mr. Young insists the album is nonpartisan.”

More on partisanship in a CNN interview. Musically and lyrically, this is not Young at his most creative – Living With War is no Greendale. But the honesty is compelling, and it’s a great example of how an artist can use technology to mobilize and distribute a message quickly.

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  1. mr young has expressed the feelings of many Americans about the war in Iraq and about Pres Bushes feeble attempts to perfom as a true leader of our great country.And no i am not a Canadian.I am a patriotic American who feels betrayed by my government

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