Wooden Bikes

Woodenbike1 Surfacing one of my favorite highlights from the Maker Faire, woodenbikes.com sports a dozen or so bicycles with frames made from driftwood logs, 2x4s, hunks of plywood, and old patio furniture reconstituted as recumbents, unicycle variants, suspension units. The bicycle is a perfect low-tech hackable for beach bums and weekend welders, and for reasons I can’t put my finger, has got my cranks turning (pardon bad pun). Miles and I could have a gas on the Rear Captain Tandem. Looks like Dylan and Co. got to ride a few last weekend, though they weren’t allowing rides when M and I were there. Guess I’ll just have to MAKE one.

Music: Radiohead :: How To Disappear Completely

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  1. I’m glad you pickup on the simplicity and buildability of the woodenbikes. I may be showing them again on June 4 at a youth bike festival (party) at the presidio community ymca on june 4th. They run
    a free program in four different middle schools for mostly low income youth, teaching
    them to ride, ride safely, fix bikes, and have fun. It is close to Crissy feild along a bike path there, so I am told.

    You can start your own branch of the woodenbike movement or break off as a splinter-group. :-)

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