Over the Wall

Miles Tinker Protoceratops When we started Miles at the local preschool last year, I had a glimmer of worry that he’d be able to scale the 4-ft. Cyclone fence that encircles the compound playground — he was already starting to climb fences at that time, and it just looked too danged tempting. The school assured us that this had never happened, and not to worry. Today a parent (it’s a co-op) came through the gate holding M under her arm, saying she found him on the sidewalk out by the street. Much wringing of hands ensued. It wasn’t clear from his story whether he climbed the fence itself or a nearby tree, then dropped down to the other side of the fence. Either way, Miles lost some climbing privs, and teachers have been put on high alert. I’m thinking an electronic ankle bracelet — or even an embedded RFID tag — might not be out of the question. Pictured: Protoceratops ops; Tinker Toys as 2-D media.

Music: Apollo 440 :: Carrera Rapida

4 Replies to “Over the Wall”

  1. Yeppers, it’s true – two Ts on the birth certificate. I changed it around age 15, and it was one T by the time of my first drivers’ license.

  2. That’s it, your last name MUST be fake too!!! I knew it was too good to be true, a geek/tech writer with the last name hacker!


    Seriously, though, why did your younger self feel the need to drop the ‘t’?

  3. Sean, you wouldn’t believe how often people accuse me of making it up. But I get a lot of mileage out of it :)

    Why did I drop the 2nd T back when? I was a budding conversationist and was becoming concerned that there weren’t enough Ts in the world to begin with, and that I wasting one every time I wrote my name.

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