The Omnivore’s Dilemma

J-School professor and Birdhouse user Michael Pollan has written a new book, The Ominvore’s Dilema: A Natural History of Four Meals:

In this groundbreaking book, one of America’s most fascinating, original, and elegant writers turns his own omnivorous mind to the seemingly straightforward question of what we should have for dinner. To find out, Pollan follows each of the food chains that sustain us—industrial food, organic or alternative food, and food we forage ourselves—from the source to a final meal, and in the process develops a definitive account of the American way of eating.

The book has recently been reviewed by the SF Chronicle, The Washington Post and Salon. I’ve done a lot of work on Pollan’s site over the past few months.

Pollan will be on NPR twice this week: Tuesday on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and Friday on Science Friday. Check your local listings for times.

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