NYT Goes Wide

The New York Times has finally launched their redesign, and it looks like the envelope has just been pushed in terms of screen width — the design is 975px wide. Which means it won’t fit horizontally onto 800×600 displays. Which means they’ve decided to shut out (or inconvenience) 20% of their audience (although one can imagine that NY Times readers are wealthier than average and that they thus have a lower-than-average percentage of readers at 800×600).

Update: Jack Shafer says the new NY Times design is so good that he’s canceling his print subscription. P.S.: Just realized that washingtonpost.com is also 975 px wide. When did that happen?

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3 Replies to “NYT Goes Wide”

  1. Zackly. At some point you have to draw the line and not worry about Netscape 4 or non-Javascript people or 800×600 displays… but when? Maybe for their audience, the time was now. Betcha the “sweet spot” trend for design width moves to 1000px this year.

  2. finance.yahoo.com supersized recently too. I find it purty darn annoying (in a curmudgeonly way) as I’ve used this site for years and it dont fit on my laptop now…

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