Miles’ Cosmology

Miles Cosmo Had never heard Miles say the words “universe,” “glacier,” or “evaporate,” but one night he just broke into this whole cosmological tale (QuickTime) about the sun, rain, and the water cycle, with an enigmatic tie-in to the universe itself. Since he has a few pronunciation issues, transcription provided:

When the universe goes into the rain, the clouds come dark and rainy, and they start to rain, then when universe drops into the air, it evaporates into the air, then the water cycle evaporates into the air, just like the sun, then the sun goes away and turns into dark clouds and it starts to rain again, then the iceberg evaporates into the sun and the sun goes into the universe and the universe puffs the sun out of its tummy then all the other universes cling to all the other universes and that’s the story!

About a month ago, an old Doors song came on the radio, and suddenly I heard Miles in the background doing this Jim Morrisson impression.

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  1. I only get audio for the 2nd & 3rd ones, but… wow! Incredible stuff, and not at all the accent I was expecting… “univoise” – are youse guys from Chicoigo?

    I got my video camera out recently, first time in ages, and very hastily shot and edited this clip of Rowan and Lola (plus Gill and Gizmo):
    (made with Mac – video is one of the few things I actually find easier on my Mac).

    I was going to post a response to your telco phone woes, about my similar experiences with the bank last week, but… no, too many bad memories. Gotta move on.

  2. Hmm… looks like I had a mix of h.263 and h.264 there ( the h.264 versions are half the size, all other factors being equal). Just switched them all to h.263. All use AAC for audio. Do they all play now?

  3. Well, the first *two* now work, but still only audio on the third.

    Glad to hear that Miles enjoyed our little video :-D

  4. Sheeyucks. Little upload oversight. Just replaced that last one with h.263 version, sorry.

    Upgrade your QuickTime!

  5. OK stupid question from a soon to be dad. Miles is 4 now? When did you introduce the playmobile (i think that’s what they are) type action figures? I’m guessing they’re not too small for a kid his age but does he just know now not to eat everything he has?

    Like I said, stupid question.

  6. Hey Les – Miles just turned 3.5. Definitely not too small for a kid his age – he started accumulating that kind of stuff at around age 2. He was never a big “put the whole world in your mouth” kind of guy, though he certainly did his share of that. But he doesn’t do it at all now.

    And no, it wasn’t a stupid question. When is yours due?

  7. We’re due in early July. It’s just weird seeing stuff and not sure whether it would be age appropriate. I’m already loading up on the duplo blocks and lego (those are too small to start with) for later on.

  8. I know exactly how you feel, Les. There’s a feeling when becoming a new parent that you somehow have to learn everything, or at least as much as possible, before hand. But in truth, so much of what needs to be done reveals itself  quite naturally in the course of things. You’ll know when your kid is ready to play with small things, and so on.

  9. Yay! I can see it now!

    As for upgrading Quicktime – maybe, one day, if I feel I really need to. For now I’m mostly happy with what I have, and as it’s a pro version I don’t really want to upgrade to a regular (although having said that, I rarely ever use the pro features). I think the version I have on the Mac is newer, but then I hardly ever use the Mac for surfing the web.

    Just getting riled with another problem now – whenever I click on a direct link to a Quicktime movie, I have to enter my proxy server username and password into QT (this doesn’t happen when I view a QT movie embedded in a web page).

  10. As for upgrading Quicktime – maybe, one day, if I feel I really need to.

    Keep in mind that all Apple apps now output h.264 by default, so increasingly you’ll “need” to if you want to see newer QT content.

    I hear you on not wanting to lose your Pro reg though.

    Can’t you enter your proxy info into QT’s preferences once and leave it be? It really asks you each time? Yuk.

  11. Can’t you enter your proxy info into QT’s preferences once and leave it be?

    Ah, yes, that’s the trick. Thank you! (once again)

  12. My goodness!!!!!!

    This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. You’ve got quite a budding philosphopher/cosmologist on your hands. My favorite part? The Hopi-Indian-like birthing metaphor of the sun “out of the tummy”: “…..and then the moon begat the sun and the sun begat the clouds, and with their sisters the twin serpent goddesses of fertility, begat……”

    Priceless. And, especially as juxtaposed with the Jim Morrison clip.

  13. Amy – It really was a mind-bending moment. Kids make these “great leaps forward” in vocabulary and comprehension, but I was totally unprepared for this whole mythological thing to pop out whole-cloth. He wows me.

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