New Media Lecture Series

Gearing up for another big work week — once again we’re hosting a compressed version of our multimedia training program for mid-career journalists. Sandwiched between training sessions are a series of talks by journalists and thinkers, including John Battelle, Bob Cauthorn, Dan Gillmor, Craig Newmark, and others. The talks are open to the public and will be webcast live, with archived versions scheduled to go online the following week.

2 Replies to “New Media Lecture Series”

  1. Thanks for the tip-off, some of these talks look good!

    P.S. Interesting to see you finally moved to WordPress — I remember suggesting that a while ago, but I still need to convert my two oldest MT weblogs to WordPress :-). Looks good, and great to see you hacking on the platform.

  2. Yeah, I’ve threatened to switch, or have half-switched and then pulled back again, half a dozen times over the past year or two. Each time I pulled back because of the ancillary work — data import and conversion is easy, but converting templates and getting all the extras and doodads (polls, etc.) is a pain. I’ve still got a few loose ends to take care of, but the pain is mostly over now.

    The lecture series will be great – stop by and say hey!

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