Critical Rituals

A few days ago, Miles climbed into the car head-first, noggin down where feet are supposed to go, feet kicking in the air. Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty comical. We made the mistake of laughing our heads off, so now he has to do it every time he gets into the car. Today we were in a rush to get somewhere and didn’t let him hang out upside down before we left. He cried half the way to our destination. Amazing, the rituals that are of critical importance to kids.

Music: Laika :: Coming Down Glass

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  1. And people say that raising kids is easy! We have these kinds of issues with Clara all the time. You can never relax. It’s like playing space invaders — let your guard down for a second, and suddenly you’ve let a new ritual through that will dog you for the next 2-6 months….

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