Feeds on Feeds

Feeds on Feeds, a PHP / Magpie-based RSS aggregator you can run on your own server. Nicely interleaves recent posts from multiple sites chronologically. 10-minute install. Not gorgeous, but customizable. Recently implemented this for a far-flung group who wanted an easy way to keep up on each other’s blogs, and it was an instant hit – real-time group mash-up.

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  1. [Comment on this comment: My inability to post this comment triggered Scot to switch from MovableType to WordPress. My apologies to Six Apart. – Jeb]

    I feel like my group is accomplishing the Feed on Feeds goal by each of our independent use of Bloglines.com. We each end up with a tailored feed aggregator to watch each other w/ the added plus of providing a repository for e-mail based feeds (eNewsLetters and bill notifications.)Any e-mail subscription gets a unique, disposable e-mail address which contains spam risk.

    I spend far more time in Bloglines than my.yahoo now.

  2. Jeb – I think I’m the one who owes SixApart an apology – they’ve been great to me, and I feel like I’m being disloyal somehow. But then again, it’s just a piece of software…

    Cool to know all that functionality is there in Bloglines. Except that you can’t run it on your own server… which doesn’t matter for most people.

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