Experimental Hebrew Typography


Pingmag interviews Oded Ezer, an Israeli typographer and designer who does absolutely breathtaking things with the Hebrew alephbet. Using nails, Fimo, cut paper, insect wings, and, yes — ink — Ezer does things with type I never dreamed possible.

When I saw an ant on the floor of my studio, I started to imagine what would happen if this was a creature half ant and half letter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if nature had invented letters? And then maybe different letter-ants could gather, create words and communicate with us!?

Ezer on fontography inspired by the music of the Israeli composer Arye Shapira:

So the music sounds really hard, almost broken… What I then did, was to take the names of the music titles and cut up the individual letters. My intention was: how would the letters behave, if they were this music?

Music: The Dandy Warhols :: Orange

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