Shatner’s Kidney Stone

File under Truth Is Stranger:

William Shatner recently passed a kidney stone … and put it up for auction. It gets better. The winning bidder,, paid $25,000 for the rock, which Shatner said “Was so big you’d want to wear it on your finger.” Proceeds from the sale were donated to charity.

This is a bold new addition to our fleet,” Chief Executive Officer Richard Rowe said in a statement. The money will go to Habitat for Humanity, which builds houses for the needy. is the same online gambling outfit that last year purchased the right to name a newly discovered monkey species, and bestowed the hapless creature with the name “ monkey.”

5 Replies to “Shatner’s Kidney Stone”

  1. Isn’t the same crowd who were the successful winners of the piece of toast with the image of Jesus ?

  2. has taken the StarTrek motto to heart: “To boldly go where no website has gone before.”

    Of course, in this case their prize HAS been somewhere before … eeeuuuuwwwww!

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