Foobar Blog Turns Five

The first entry I ever made in this blog (back when it was on LiveJournal) was on January 20, 2001, right around this time of day, which makes today its fifth anniversary. Sometimes (often) can’t believe I’m still doing this — I’ve threatened to throw in the towel enough times. Must be something wrong with me.

To celebrate, I’ve spent the last few evenings going back to the start of the archive and unpublishing a ton of stuff — almost 1/4 of everything (work in progress – have only made it up to 2003 so far). For the first few years, it seems like I paid little attention to whether posts would be interesting to anyone but me. Heck of a lot of bloviating over the years, trying to trim some of the pointless posts. There’s probably still a lot of embarassing stuff left, but the archives are in better shape than they were.

Sweet Amy even called me on the way to work this morning to wish me a happy anniversary!

3 Replies to “Foobar Blog Turns Five”

  1. My goodness, I don’t think Karen would have any idea when the anniversary of *my* blog is. Either you have a super-attentive wife, or you spend more time talking about your blog at home than I do… ;)

  2. Ah, no, I don’t talk about it much with Amy. I had mentioned a few days previous that the 5-year was coming up and that I was cleaning out old entries. I was pretty amazed that she remembered, and amused that she thought it was a big enough deal to warrant a congratulatory call.

  3. Happy 5th Birthday, Scot’s blog! My own blog has its own five candles in just under a month’s time, I didn’t realise I started off so soon after you.

    I have to admire your perseverance, rooting out all those old entries. I have 500-or-so entries, from my pre-MT days, which don’t have proper titles and aren’t categorised. Been meaning to sort them out for nearly two years now, and still no closer.

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