Yosemite 2006

Yosemite 2006 Just spent an amazing (and much needed) three days at Redwoods in Yosemite outside Wawona, with family. No cell phone, no laptop, just endless trees and indoor fires, good food, a second Christmas, lots of hiking, and tons of old family movies. Miles and I found an excellent natural see-saw — a smooth log fallen, perfectly balanced, into the “Y” of a redwood, axis lubricated by moss. Chilnualna Falls even more stunning than the classic Bridalveil. Deer practically kissing our hands. Yosemite nearly empty this time of year, which was perfect (dealing with crowds is not my idea of vacation). Arrived just after a week of rain, but weather for us was nearly perfect, and the falls were engorged. Fully recharged and ready for anything (images).

Roger reminds me that, while away, I missed the start of the second chord of John Cage’s 639-year-long composition ASLSP, currently being performed at the abandoned Buchardi church in Halberstadt, eastern Germany. Dang!

Music: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros :: WhiteMan in Hammersmith Palais

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