What Would D. Boon Do?

For The Huffington Post, David Rees, author of the Rolling Stone comic Get Your War On, posts an over-the-top tribute to the Minutemen’s D. Boon on the 20th anniversary of his death. “… my career as a political cartoonist literally began the night I asked myself “What would D. Boon do?” before clumsily trying to make the comic-strip equivalent of a Minutemen song.”

The tribute is way hyperbolic, but all true. The Minutemen changed lives, mine included. Happy birthday Boon. Let the products sell themselves!

Music: The Minutemen :: Paranoid Chant

One Reply to “What Would D. Boon Do?”

  1. D. Boon and David Rees are both heroes of mine. When Get Your War On appeared it was like a profane breath of fresh air (and it still is).

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