Hollow Log

Miles In Log Miles visited the Discovery Science museum in Sausalito today, at the foot of the Golden Gate bridge. Outside, found himself a hollow log to play in. He’s looking like such a big boy to me lately. The baby in him is starting to seem like a distant memory — one I find myself not ready to let go of just yet, as much as we enjoy every step in his personal evolution.

4 Replies to “Hollow Log”

  1. Take that kid to Fort Funston sometime. I loved the beach when I was his age. Maybe he will dig it too. I have fond memories of early childhood around those parts.

  2. This is the time where you and Amy (moreso? my wife certainly had this jones bad) starting pineing for kid #2.

  3. Hey Steve, it’s been an ongoing dialog for a long time now. We’re 99% certain we’ll be sticking with one, but who knows what the shadow knows…

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