Juicy Fruit

A bunch of suits sit around a boardroom table, asking what they can do to attract young people to their site. Grapevine says blogs are hot! No idea what one is, but they’ll build one anyway. A swirling splash page, insipid, faked daily entries, each one locked in a tiny Flash text box dwarfed by extraneous gew gaws. Oh, and be sure we make the site go ‘Ding!’ each time user navigates between entries.

Juicy Fruit has ensured that the weblog as a form has officially jumped the shark.

Music: Madeleine Peyroux :: Lonesome Road

2 Replies to “Juicy Fruit”

  1. Where’d it go? It’s 10.29, your blog entry is 17 days old… those JuicyFruit people must be afraid of you or something…

    Or am I just missing it?

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