Miles, Year Three

2.jpg Miles turned three recently. It’s been an amazing family year, from all angles. He’s talking non-stop, figuring out his world, delighting us, testing us, teaching us. He’s started preschool, started counting beyond 10, started spelling, in a rudimentary sort of way. But it’s mostly about climbing, building, exploring characters, digging nature, inventing, throwing stones. It’s all about becoming.

It strikes me as I look over this album how many of the images show him being reflective, or seeming pensive. That may just be because those are the moments he’s easiest to catch on camera, or because Amy likes to photograph those moments so much. But we are starting to realize that he’s a very contemplative little guy, fascinated by emotions and the sensual world. But that’s not the whole story — his introspective tendencies are counterbalanced by frequent bouts of physical joy and verbal giddiness. He reminds me of someone.

Amy and I have put up an album of images from his third year on earth.

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  1. Here’s what your blog is saying to me (below the photograph) right now :

    Never miss a good chance to shut up.
    Ask me about hosting with birdhouse.

    I’m still puzzling over it. :-)


  2. :) Jonathan, the quote is randomized (try reloading the page). The hosting ad is permanent. You just saw an odd confluence of two unrelated messages.

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