If a bit can be flipped on or off, what state is it in when the computer is powered down? Clearly “On” is incorrect, but “Off” is also not quite right. Wu. The proper answer to a loaded question such as “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Wu. Does a dog have Buddha nature? Wu. When language fails to provide mechanism for a logically adequate response, Wu. Accounting for the subtle distinction between “not” and “no,” Wu. Or, if one prefers, Mu.

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3 Replies to “Wu/Mu”

  1. Hmm.. I guess it depends on how sleep mode is implemented. If the state of memory is retained but in lower power mode, then I’d say the computer is still on, for these purposes. If memory is cleared and written to disk, then it would be the equivalent of the computer being off, i.e. Wu.

    Hey, don’t you live with a Wu?

  2. That’s “woo” not “wu.”

    It’s an entirely different state of existence in that it is not yes/on, nor off/no, nor neither/wu, but “compliant and deferential so that continued existence with both testicles is possible.” ;)

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