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If I gave a tinker’s cuss about advertising, I’d give an award to Hitachi for best ad in a magazine. Doing the usual dump of blow-in cards from the current issue of Wired, encountered a thick page, which turned out to be a standard beer coaster attached to heavy stock. On the reverse of the page, a gen-yoo-ine U.S. patent application form, ready to fill out, tear out, and send. On the back of the beer coaster, these instructions:

1) Ask your waiter/aspiring actor for a pen.
2) Sketch plans for cool new device utilizing a Hitachi hard drive.
3) Fill out patent form on back of page.
4) Raise a glass in a toast to your brilliance.

OK, it’s corny, but it’s also the closest I’ve seen a print ad come to the kind of engagement/interactivity common online.

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