Rita and EV1

While Birdhouse’s datacenter is in Texas, far from the reach of any West-coast earthquake disaster, it’s now sitting in the direct path of Hurricane Rita. Fortunately, EV1 sounds very well prepared:

As an extra precaution, we have even sourced an additional rental generator. While this unit would not be needed for a brief outage, if we were to experience a loss of power lasting several days, we would need to perform normal maintenance on our generators, and this would give us a generator to run while that maintenance is taking place. All total, we have in excess of 10,000 gallons of fuel on site. We have guaranteed contracts for fuel delivery and two fuel depots are located within 2 miles of our facility.

Of course, all of that fuel won’t help much if the whole facility is ripped from its foundations… Many EV1 employees are heading out to be with families, but core staff is planning to weather the storm in the datacenter. Now that’s dedication.

Music: Brian Eno and Jah Wobble :: Left Where It Fell

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