Like Skis

The other morning Miles and I awoke to find cat puke on the floor. He promptly slipped in a pile and landed on his can, seemed absolutely delighted. “Daddy, I used the kitty cat throw-up like skis!”

Last week he popped up from his bed and ran into the bathroom saying something about a badger. I came in to help look for said mammal. “Daddy, we have a badger in our house, I saw it, it was in my room but then it went into the bathroom, but I didn’t think we had a badger, but now we do.”

Today he got a toy steam roller named Rolly (from Bob the Builder). Played with it all day, talked to it in the car on our way to the lake. When I was taking him out of the car, he told me, “Daddy, Rolly is my best friend!” So sweet, I thought. Three minutes later, we arrived at the shore of the lake. Without hesitation, Miles hucked Rolly as hard as he could out into the water, where he promptly sank to the bottom of the briney pond. So much for best friends (Rolly was later successfully rescued).

Music: Blo :: Chant To Mother Earth

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  1. *laughter*

    Nathan’s started referring to things or people as “my best friend”, too. Who can’t get a little mushy inside when you watch your kid snuggle up to a stuffed animal, then look up to you and say, “Daddy, Rabbit is my best friend.”

    And then, 10 minutes later, Rabbit is being thrown around the living room by his ears…

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