Free Opera

Not sure how many people are using the Opera web browser these days, but if you’ve ever hesitated to try because it isn’t free, the company is celebrating its 10th birthday by handing out free reg strings for all platforms. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Opera has always been great, and I remember how grateful the BeOS user community was to see the BeOS port of Opera. But in these days of free Firefox etc., there isn’t a whole lot of incentive for people to try unheard-of browsers. Still, Opera has always been famous for its strict adherence to W3C standards, so it’s an important element of a webmaster’s toolkit.

5 Replies to “Free Opera”

  1. Opera for BeOS was flakey and crashed regularly.
    I preferred using NetPositive, despite its shortcomings, because;
    a) It didn’t crash as hard as Opera
    b) It felt like it belonged in BeOS. That’s something that Opera, BeZilla and even GoBe Productive couldn’t do to my satisfaction.

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