Remodel Status #3

Grout Making progress. Grouted the chicken wire a couple weekends ago. After taking so much care to protect tile from damage, almost painful to smear adhesive-laden mud all over the job. But a few hours sponging, swabbing, wiping and it came out nicely. Used the tile saw at a local shop (free!) to re-cut a few pieces of coving, then installed that last weekend and grouted it yesterday. The corners are a bitch (can’t believe they don’t make pre-fab corner coving pieces).

Today set out to install toilet and sink. The old toilet (excuse me, “closet”) was bolted to the floor through the sub-floor. New one didn’t have such holes, and is attached only to its own drainage flange. But surprise! Previous workers cut a big hole out of sub-floor around the drain, no place to screw down a new one. Ended up cutting a big donut out of 3/4″ ply with hole- and jig-saws. Screwed that in, which provided a platform for new flange. Worked out nicely, but knocked a big hole in the day.

Finally tracked down a source for chrome sink feed pipe covers (so you don’t see plain galvanized pipe when viewing from the side). Stupidly hard to find these, but they cut nicely and make a world of difference. Now if I could just find a source for ceramic toilet bolt covers; these are apparently officially extinct in favor of plastic. The modern world blows.

Assembled sink fixtures and prepared to install pedestal, when I discovered that the new sink has a 1 1/4″ drain, while we have a 1 1/2″ drain in the wall. Also needed more height for new drain assembly. And I’ll have to remove a hex from the floor to bolt down the pedestal, which meant I needed a grout saw. Fourth trip to hardware store.

The cable guy arrived (90 minutes late, we get a discount!), which meant it was time to drop everything and reprogram the Tivo. First night with cable learned how to change sprockets on a dirt bike to suit muddy conditions, watched the removal of immense face tumor from poor Malaysian boy, and was reminded of just what an ass Sean Hannity is. Sink will have to wait.

Music: Pink Fairies :: Chambermaid

6 Replies to “Remodel Status #3”

  1. Ach! You watched “Face Eating Tumor”?!? I saw that!
    Next thing you know you’ll be watching the shows
    where 200 pound tumors are removed from
    unfortunate women, all you’ve ever wanted to know
    about progeria or Treacher-Collins syndrome is
    explained, or perhaps 20 pounds of excess skin
    is removed from people who’ve lost huge amounts of
    weight from gastric bypass operations.

    I know. I’ve gone down that slippery slope myself.


  2. Larreee, it’s a slopperly slip indeed. TLC’s medical stuff immediately reminded me of last time we had cable, before Miles was born, and Amy couldn’t seem to get enough of the delivery room trauma stuff. Did wonders for her confidence (not). I think the whole channel is a thinly veiled modern incarnation of the freak shows of yore. Todd Browning would be proud.

  3. “I think the whole channel is a thinly veiled modern incarnation of the freak shows of yore.”


  4. “I like watching the Jesus and Hitler channel… Wait, I mean The History Channel.”

    LOL! Scot, the must-see show after “Face-Eating Tumor” is the “Face Transplants” show, probably on Discovery Health! It’ll make you appreciate your beautiful wife and son all the more.

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