Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil

Coffeeandcigarettes Got partway through Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes tonight. Brief vignettes of people sitting around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, talking, being awkward, uncomfortable, going nowhere, living. Tom Waits and Iggy Pop (priceless meeting – who knew Iggy could be so sweet?), Steven Wright, Bill Murray, Steve Buscemi… everybody fits. In one scene, Jack White of the White Stripes is sitting in a cafe’ with ex-wife Meg (who is commonly thought of as his sister), homemade Tesla Coil sitting in a little red wagon beside him. Meg wants to know more. Won’t give away the rest. Cinematography is gorgeous, dialog typically Jarmusch. Boring and enthralling and totally beautiful.

Music: Buzzcocks :: Choices

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  1. Meg is actually his ex-wife not his sister. The sister thing was some sort of in cest uous mythos surrounding them when they got big but then they finally let out word they’re actually divorced.
    Weird spacing due the error of questionable content.

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