Call Out Gouranga

Gouranga Thumb In celebration of antiweb’s 10th anniversary, used Comic Life to create a non-contiguous digital comic book cut-up based on images by Amy and myself with text excerpts from the antiweb mailing list.

The comic (if you can call it that — don’t go looking for continuity here) was on display at the anniversary happening, running full-screen on a 20″ iMac (perched on crushed velvet no less, though that part was not planned). Looked much better full-screen than it does online; the goldanged interweb has its limits.

Prepared the image portion first, added text later. This was a tough call – I actually think it works much better visually without the text. But the text did add dimension, and it wouldn’t have had much relevance to antiweb without it (thanks to everyone whose words I lifted).

The title of the piece comes from that peculiar recurring spam that doesn’t sell anything at all, proclaiming simply “Call Out Gouranga Be Happy!” Looks like more explanation for the chant is available online now than existed when I first posted to antiweb a few years ago looking for Gouranga insight.

Found Comic Life totally addictive, though it did take more time than it probably appears to get the look I wanted — choosing templates, experimenting with image filters, selecting word/thought balloons and captions, setting gradients, panel ordering, sizing, etc. But would love to use the app to tell an actual story sometime.

Music: The Fiery Furnaces :: Gale Blow

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