Gray Shirt

Talking with Miles this evening about colors. I ask him what colors of clothes go well together.

“A gray shirt.”

Hmmmm, I think. Conservative tendencies. Maybe the makings of a GAP kid. Sigh. I press on: “And what color pants go with a gray shirt?”

“Pink and orange and green and blue.”

“All of those colors together in one pair of pants?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“Polka dots or stripes?”

“Polka dots AND stripes!”

“With a gray shirt?”

“Mmmm hmmm daddy, with a gray shirt.”

Keep in mind this is coming from a kid who has never expressed one iota of interest in his clothes, other than to favor boots shaped like alligators.

Music: Mission Of Burma :: Eyes Of Men

7 Replies to “Gray Shirt”

  1. Dylan, yes, this is just one in a long series of indicators. The lone exception is his absolute disinterest in dolls (he loves his toy and stuffed animals, but couldn’t care less about human dolls). Well, better gay than Republican, right?

  2. Maybe he’ll just be a glam rocker….

    Anyhow, I like the Google ads currently showing at the top of this page: “Hippie Shop: Hippie Clothing at Discount Prices” and “Purple Poppy Preppy Chic” for the “pink and green lifestyle”!

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