Milk and Cookies

Wondered why I was suddenly getting comments on the old Miles Stuck in the Cat Door and e-i-e-i hop hop videos. Then discovered that Miles has been linked to from Milk and Cookies, with the caption “Crawling baby gets stuck in the cat door and sadistic mommie makes him clean up his puke while videotaping it.”

Funny, we were mildly concerned when we originally posted that video that someone would not get the joke (the deck-cleaning clip was shot days before the throw-up clip; I temporally transposed them in Final Cut to make a funny). No one ever did comment on it, so I assumed everyone got it. Now, two years later, we’re waiting for a knock on the door from Child Protective Services.

Music: Carlton Alphonso :: Belittle Me

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  1. Shacker, that’s great background to a very enjoyable clip. Keep coming back to M&C. We’d love to have you.

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