NPR Is Following Me

Posted about Steven Johnson’s book “Everything Bad Is Good For You.” Bought the book, start reading it, excellent, more on that later. A few days ago, Fresh Air airs an interview with Johnson.

mneptok sends me a link to a kuro5hin story on kite buggies (something I’d love to try). Later that day, hear Living on Earth piece on wind farms and other wind-harnessing technologies… including a segment on kite buggies. Part 1 of the piece connects up to previous posts here about the Altamont wind farm.

This morning, talked with a friend while kids played at the park about the French Laundry and the slow food movement in general. Listening to the radio while sanding today, caught an NPR piece on the slow food movement (not online), which I mentioned here just a few days ago. The piece included reference to the French Laundry.

At what point should I get freaked out?

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  1. funny, i used to joke that johnson was my nemesis. the link from my name goes to an old blog entry from ’97:

    I can’t get over an irrational jealousy of Steven Johnson, one of the editors of Feed. It’s silly, I know, but I keep running into his name or his face and it bugs me, though I wouldn’t like to admitting having the ambition to be treated like a digerato-literati savant. Let’s see, while in Chicago for a wedding a while back I bought the Sunday New York Times whose Magazine is doing a hype-y high tech Internet futurism issue and their token snapshot of new media folk or e-zine publishers or whatever are the brains behind Feed.

    ok, it wasn’t a blog then. the word didn’t exist yet. sosume.

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