Thanks For Your Time

Jury Check Being a university (i.e. state) employee means I’m not entitled to the generous $15/day stipend for my time serving jury duty last month. No idea what this whopping extraneous sum for my excruciating civic effort is all about, but I plan to spend it all in one place, profligate wastrel that I am.

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  1. That’s so messed up that you can’t get the 15$/day (not that you’d make millions but it may pay for that stray tool you forgot while doing the bathroom) just because you’re a state employee.

    How do they justify that? That state employees just roll in the bling?

  2. Les, I’m not sure exactly what the legislation is that prevents state employees being paid for jury duty, but I assume the thinking is that the people are already paying my salary, so they’d be paying me double. This assumes that one continues to get paid normally while on jury duty, which I did, and so from that perspective is fair. However, I’m not sure that’s always the case — if I had been put on a trial that last weeks or months I might have had to take leave without pay. It also doesn’t take into account extra transportation costs, etc.

  3. it does take into account transpo costs – that’s what your big check is for. $.34 per mile. :)

  4. Hey Matthias – Thanks, glad you like the new look! Wasn’t sure how to take the total silence on that, whether people liked it or not. Not that I care what other people think, right? :)

  5. In my case, the total silence was mostly due to that I keep up with your site mainly via RSS, and over the past couple weeks I’ve just been too busy to even keep up with my aggregator.

    Aggregator sounds like aggro-gator, a mean, pushy swamp reptile.

    No wonder I’m having a hard time keeping up with it.

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