3 Replies to “Avoiding CMS Data Lock-in”

  1. (OT: I adore the 13th floor elevators… my Dad got me into them… did you see that Emusic.com has many of Roky’s solo albums? Not only that, but an ex-editor of mine (I moonlighted as a rock journalist for a couple years), got to see Roky and some of the elevators do a few sets in Corpus Christi (TX)… maybe this success will convince him to go on a more substantial tour.)

  2. Joe, yeah, I’ve got a bunch of stuff on my emusic wishlist. Though the prospect of a reunion tour is a bit scary, I’d still be curious.

    jc, yeah, the description of HTML::Template does sound fairly similar to Smarty, except that Smarty gives you the caching for free. And HTML::Template would require you to use Perl. Horrors! :)

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