Nowhere Images, Automator

Added 50 new “Images from Nowhere” (right column, rotated hourly). Had been saving them up for months to try out Automator, but the only Photoshop resize action I found turned out to be commercial rather than free, and the PS batch action I already had set up does a fine job anyway.

Did have good results using Automator to add hint tracks to a bunch of webcasts earlier this month. But even then, the shell script I had already created to automate the same task was faster and simpler to launch. Automator seems like a wonderful idea, but I’m having trouble coming up with real-world jobs for it… I think the big break will come when I need to process the same set of files in multiple applications. For example, a code cleanup I’m currently involved in could benefit by being able to pass the same set of files through both BBEdit and Dreamweaver. But Automator depends on having access to applications with the right hooks built in, and it may take a while for those to appear (BBEdit is ready, Dreamweaver is not).

Music: Severed Heads :: Goodbye Tonsils

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