Tear the Roof Off

votesolar.org: Each day, more energy falls to the earth from the sun’s rays than the total amount of energy the planet’s 5.9 billion inhabitants would consume in 27 years.

On June 1, the California Senate voted to pass the Million Solar Roofs bill by 28-3.

Salon: The bill would add a staggering 3,000 megawatts of solar capacity in the state — equivalent to the capacity of 10 average-size coal-fired power plants or two nuke plants, and more than 30 times the current installed solar capacity. That could make California the No. 1 solar market in the world, surpassing today’s top two biggest consumers of photovoltaic technology, Germany and Japan.

If this goes through, it could be the one great accomplishment of the beleaguered Schwarzenegger administration. But The Governator has created such a caustic climate that political infighting could lead to the bill’s demise before it ever goes into effect. Meanwhile, union pressure to stipulate wages for the technicians installing the panels could raise the cost of installation 30-40%, virtually killing the initiative. Get it together people.

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