Hosting FAQs Updated

The Birdhouse FAQs/How-Tos have been thoroughly updated to reflect the new cPanel hosting environment. Please let us know if there are questions you’d like to see answered in the How-Tos.

Dang, that was a big job. Documentation is always the least-fun aspect of any development job (which explains why documentation is so poor in so many open source apps). I think we’ve nailed the basics and beyond though…

Music: The Mekons :: Where Were You?

4 Replies to “Hosting FAQs Updated”

  1. No way… Just as I was reading this, I was also listening to that Mekons song. One of my favorites. Following on this playlist–because I was enjoying the British accents–is “Get Out Of My House” by The Streets.

    Thanks for expanding the FAQs.


  2. The Streets (one guy who names himself as though he were a band)writes and performs modern British hip hop. I didn’t like him at first, but have since acquired a taste for him and find that his stuff provides a nice segue to old UK Punk like The Mekons. His best song is “Dry Your Eyes,” which I’ll send you if you want to check him out.

    Now Playing: The Walkmen: We’ve Been Had

  3. Thanks jcn – Just had a quick listen on emusic. I’m not a big hip hop fan, but there’s definitely something different going on here. I added it to my “Save for Later” list. Will check it out, thanks!

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