What’s On Jesus’ iPod?

Mark Morford for The Chronicle, hard not to quote at length:

After all, Jesus was a rebel. Jesus was the Original Liberal. Jesus was a devoted pacifist and a badass egalitarian and his best friends were all whores and dissidents and freethinkers and miscreants, artists of every shape and size and haircut and of course, were he walking around today, Jesus would be pretty much loathed and ostracized if not outright hacked to bits by the Christian Right. “Goddamn hippie liberal tree hugger,” they’d sneer, waving scythes and Bibles. “What the hell?” Jesus would say.

All of which places Jesus in direct line of the iPod’s marketing demographic and all of which naturally raises the question, well, so just what does the great mystic and healer and closet Buddhist and funky savior of humanity have on his holy iPod?

… Jesus knows this Big Obvious Secret: All music celebrates God, because God is merely another word for life and life is merely another word for “hot divine energy force” and “hot divine energy force” is merely another word for, well, “Steven Tyler.” So there you go.

Music: Stevie Wonder :: Higher Ground

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