10 Myths About Secular Humanism

Excellent synopsis of what secular humanism is and is not. The descriptor must be one of the most-misused, misconstrued, poorly understood terms ever swung by the tail.

4. Secular humanism worships humankind.
The idea that “humanists replace God with Man” seems to arise from a tendency among many Christians to assume that other religions and worldviews have a structure and content that parallels Christianity. So, since “Christians” worship Christ, humanists must worship humans. But secular humanism is not a religion and humanists don’t worship anything. We are far too realistic to worship humanity. While we recognize that all human beings have the potential to do good, we also realize that the potential exists for acts of great evil. Humanity’s constant challenge is to understand itself and improve itself.

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2 Replies to “10 Myths About Secular Humanism”

  1. “Free Inquiry” (the magazine from which the synopsis is taken) is an excellent if somewhat dowdy-looking magazine, and is proving to be all the more valuable to my mental health now that we have no choice but to endure the public strutting of the religious right for another 4 years.

  2. I think we need more various perspective to define something as we called “truth”. However, secular humanism reveals their opinion about God as “nothing”. Secular humanists are holding their position in the neutral and also negative.

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