The New Radicals

Via Liberaltopia, The New Radicals:

“Republicans and conservatives are no longer the fiscally conservative party they once were.”:

1789-1981 985 billion in cumulative debt
2004 – 985 billion in debt in one year alone.

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Of course that statistic doesn’t cover the whole picture, leaving out details for the years 1982-2003. For example, how did the national debt fare under Clinton?

Clinton stopped the bleeding in just three years and then dropped the debt from 67% to 57% in his last five years.

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  1. Yeah, the Bush administration and most of the current Republicans in Congress show little resemblance to my ideas of what Republicans used to stand for.

    This bunch are really Big Government Social Conservatives who want to use the power of a large and intrusive Federal gov’t to push their conservative socio-political agenda.

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