What Would Jesus Drive?

Tectonic shift? Probably not, but it occurred to me recently that there was a sort of cultural/political musical chairs going on. Pro-nuke Greens! Pro-environment Christians!

On one hand, a growing cadre of pro-nuclear Greens — a notion* that would have seemed unthinkable a decade ago.

On the other, an apparently growing swath of pro-environment Christians. This makes so much sense to me – without being a Biblical scholar, I’ve always thought that the teachings of Christ pointed in important ways to environmental sensitivity; so the preponderant alignment of Christians with the profoundly anti-environment Bush administration has always seemed unsettling. It does make you wonder: What Would Jesus Drive?

OK, not a tectonic shift, but evidence that religious and political generalizations are always bound to fail… and to surprise.

* I swore I’d never use the word “notion” here, but there you have it.

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2 Replies to “What Would Jesus Drive?”

  1. It has always bothered me being around Christians who don’t care about the world around them. Mind you, these are often the same group who seem more concerned with themselves than anybody else.

    In Australia, there has always been a large group who use words like bush-bashing to describe spending evenings in a ute (utility, pickup – insert your own word here) thrashing through bush destroying things – including hitting kangaroos and bashing bunny rabbits. They could never see the problem. It always made me shudder.

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