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New West is a network of online communities devoted to the culture, economy, politics, environment and overall atmosphere of the Rocky Mountain West.

NewWest is our first client to be hosted on an independent, dedicated server separate from the main Birdhouse shared server. Their site is driven by the excellent Expression Engine content management system.

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  1. Hi Jason – The client chose the publishing platform, not me. But they did consult with me first. I actually recommended Movable Type, but they had a developer who specializes in EE. Comparing WP to MT or EE is, I think, almost comparing apples and oranges – WP is still pretty young, and doesn’t have a fraction of the features of EE. Someday WP will give MT a run for its money, but the latest 1.5 version *still* doesn’t even support multiple blogs in a single installation without lame hacks and workarounds, which has always been the biggest show-stopper for me and WP.

    EE is wayyyy beyond either of them as a full-featured publishing platform — check out their site (

    > .. “the utility of all non-Free software approaches zero.”

    That’s absurd and extremist. I’ll always choose open source when there is an application available that is as good as or better than commercial variants. But commercial software often far outstrips what’s available in the OSS world. For example, I use CommuniGate Pro for my mail server because there is no open source mail server with its features, support, or ease of administration. And in many cases, as with MT or EE, the cost is so low it’s negligible, and you get a lot for your money.

    Granted, there are open source publishing platforms like Zope etc. that would be more solid contenders for a sophisticated publishing job like newwest’s, but we didn’t have the in-house skill to get up to speed quickly with them.

  2. Good To hear your take on that article, I kind of agree with both sides of the coin. I was impressed with EE and the siginificant resources available to pull from for a quick to completion timeline, less custom development. On the other hand if I want to invest in a technology it would be nice to know that the product will be continually improving, and that I can easily leverage it to multiple clients, and I don’t think their reselling structure is repsonsive enoigh to this concern.

    I am debating WP versus other CMS options out there for a personal blog, I’ll let you know if I try EE out.

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