If you haven’t already, run — don’t walk — to rent Ray, the musical biography of Ray Charles. The cinematography is gorgeous, the story of his life honest and gripping, the history tragic and fascinating, the music… speaks for itself. Jamie Foxx perfect as Ray. We split this over two nights (it’s around 3.5 hours short), and wished it wouldn’t end. Neither of us have enjoyed a movie this much for ages.

Music: Billie Holiday :: Night And Day

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  1. You and everyone else, Blockbuster (and their wonderfully deceptive no late fees, I hate BBV) was out of the vids. I should not listen to hype and sit back, the movie will be the same next week, or the month after :) I’ll catch it when it is less in demand.

  2. Tyler, I had no idea he performed the whole thing blind, though I did suspect it at times. Unfortunately no time to watch the extras before we had to return it, though I’ve got half a mind to own this one (neither of us are fans of owning DVDs — seldom makes economic sense, and who’s got time to watch movies multiple times when there’s an endless supply of new/unwatched ones out there?)

  3. We watched it last night courtesy of Netflix (no late fees, though for real) and really dug it. I thought Jamie Fox was excellent as well.

    btw – Jamie Fox is also excellent in Collateral.

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